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    Dr. Candida Loiselle

    Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Hello, my name is Candy Loiselle. I embrace my practice with a positive mindset, striving to provide holistic care to my patients. My preference leans towards an integrative approach, combining medications with complementary methods like therapy, nutrition and mindfulness for optimal outcomes. I value the patient-centered method, allowing you to lead the way, proceeding at your pace. Trust and respect are the foundation of our therapeutic relationship, in my view.

    I’m a board-certified nurse practitioner in family practice and psychiatric-mental health with a doctorate in nursing practice. With 27 years in healthcare, I’ve worked 13 years in ICU as a nurse and 14 years as a nurse practitioner. My dual certification gives me a broad understanding of medical and psychiatric care. I’ve treated diverse populations with psychiatric/mental health issues including ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety/depression, insomnia, loss, ect.

    During our initial session, my priority is to understand you better. I aim to establish a connection that fosters comfort and safety, laying the foundation for a trusting, respectful relationship. Together, let’s begin our journey towards wellness.