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    Marcia Friend

    Over the last two decades, Marcia has serviced a multitude of health care environments as a registered nurse in administrative and clinical roles.  When caring for clients as a registered nurse, Marcia recognized a common theme that correlates frame of mind with physical health and overall wellness.  With this awareness, she pursued and attained board certification as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Across the Lifespan.  She holds master’s degrees in health administration and nursing.  She embraces the notion that at the core of each human is a distinct need to thrive in a steady state of wellness in mind, body, and soul.  Marcia provides therapeutic encounters enriched by a non-judgmental environment and open dialogue.  This approach is used as a building block to reinforce individual resilience and resourcefulness.  Marcia acknowledges and respects diverse cultures, lifestyles, ethnicities, abilities, and experiences that contribute to a client’s psyche.  She is equipped to treat neurodevelopmental, behavioral, emotional, psychosocial, and other psychosis-related mental health challenges.  Her ultimate goal is to honor and support each client’s uniqueness by committing to collaborative, client-focused treatment plans and adapting holistic care tactics to meet their mental health needs.

    Marcia is a member of American Psychiatric Nurses Association and American Nurses Association.  When not engaged with her clients, Marcia balances her time between family, friends, and precious moments alone.  She delights in reading, culinary arts, and traveling.