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    Quanita May

    We live with emotions and relationships. Understanding our individual role in relationships and how to manage emotions is key to connecting with others. I will assist you through: relationship issues, communication, entering, thriving, surviving, or ending a relationship at any age, expressing sexual needs/desires if applicable, and managing your past relationship traumas as you move forward. We will work together to develop or build on existing skills to help you manage day to day struggles whether work, school or relationship related.

    Tic Toc…your energy and time matter. I am here if you long for a listening ear, a place you can speak truthfully, or a space to just be YOU.

    I bring an array of education and experiences to treat concerns you may have. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, and have received further training in Florida as a certified sex therapist and a sex trauma therapist. To further my education and ability to manage complex situations that may arise, I am currently pursuing my PhD in Clinical Sexology, in which I will continue my education on treatment of trauma resulting from sexual abuse, gender and orientation and multiple other complexities.

    I am also a fitness expert and CHEK holistic practitioner. I bring all of my skills to each encounter to develop an individualized treatment plan for each of my clients ranging from adolescence through adulthood. Individual, couples, and teen/families are welcome.